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Mix Shows

DJ JMix is a seasoned veteran, ready to provide syndication ready mix shows for your station. Mix shows bring listeners to your station, and with proven hits mixed in the right way by DJ JMix, this can end up bringing you a giant wave of new listeners. Let DJ JMix put your format into a mix your listeners will remember and request.

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Remix Production

As a featured remix producer at Select Mix, DJ JMix provides promotional remixes to DJs worldwide. DJ JMix is ready to provide remixes for your digital remix provider service.

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Private Parties

DJ JMix is located in South Carolina where he currently spins music for all types of private parties. Whether you need a DJ for a nightclub, sophisticated lounge event, important birthday party, monumental wedding or blowout holiday party; DJ Jamie has the experience and skills to make sure almost any event is unique and unforgettable.

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